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What once started as a humble fishing village has now changed into one of the most relaxed and enjoyable beach towns on the south coast. Unlike many of the northern beach areas, which are highly developed, Plakias retains a small-town feel and has some of the best dining in the surrounding area. Here, you’ll find a long crescent beach set in a very wide inlet. The beach close to the town center is a mix of pebbles and sand and is backed by tavernas and shops, but farther to the east, is quieter and has soft sand. Plakias is a good place to base yourself for trips to Preveli Beach; Preveli Monastery; Souda Beach; and Rethymmon, which is 40 minutes away.

Before a visit to Knossos, to better understand the ancient history and people of Crete, go to the Heraklion Archaeological Museum in the centre of the city. The findings from the palace are stored, preserved and displayed in the museum. There are frescoes, pottery, jewellery, weapons and sculptures from the Minoan civilisation, but also discoveries from the Neolithic and Roman eras. Don’t miss the implausibly delicate Malia Pendant, made circa 1800 BCE. Just outside the capital city of Heraklion, the Palace of Knossos once served as the political centre for the Minoans, who created the first sophisticated civilisation in Europe. At the entrance you’ll find dozens of certified guides eager to show you the wonders of the palace, from important archaeological discoveries to the mythological stories of King Minos and the minotaur. Get there early to avoid the crowds, as it is one of the most popular sites in Crete.

This harbor was built between the years 1320 and 1356 by the Venetians and was an important trade center until the early 20th century. The harbor could not accommodate larger ships, so the port was eventually abandoned by big vessels in favor of Souda’s harbor. Today, though, Chania’s old harbor is still used by smaller boats and yachts. The harbor’s crowning jewel is its lighthouse, which was built by the Venetians around 1595 to 1601, and is one of the oldest in the world. Most people come here to enjoy a stroll through the harbor, sip their coffee or have breakfast with a view of the lighthouse or enjoy a meal in one of the many restaurants and ouzo shops.

For most visitors coming to Crete between spring and fall, one of the top things to do is lounging on the island’s beautiful beaches. Not all beaches here are created equal. Some of Crete’s beaches are pebble, but some are among the most beautiful soft-sand beaches in the world, with crystal-clear water that glows a turquoise color under the Mediterranean sun. The most famous beaches are Elafonissi, known for its white and pink sand, and Balos, or the Balos Lagoon as it’s also frequently called. Both of these are within striking distance of Chania. And while these are must-see places, these are really just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to outstanding beaches on Crete. Find even more details at https://www.chaniacar.com/.