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Prospecting the perfect luxury vacation and you need to book tours for a luxury trip at affordable prices ? Here is a list of advices :

Would you like to spend a week or even a month in luxurious and peaceful seclusion complete with concierge service, a local chef, nanny service, and an array of bespoke services? It can actually be more affordable than you think. Just compare a week in a luxury four-bedroom villa to a week in two, 2-bedroom suites in a 5-star hotel, and you’ll be shocked at the savings. To make the deal even sweeter, travel with friends who will split the bill with you. And think about renting in shoulder season when crowds have thinned and pricing is even more lucrative.

Visitors to London should try the quintessentially British institution of afternoon tea. Many places lay it on, but the older and more elegant establishments seem to make it an extra special occasion. A visit to the UK without afternoon tea – well, it just wouldn’t be cricket, as we British say.

When visiting a new destination make a list of your must see attractions. It helps focus your mind as there is usually too much to do and see.

To enjoy a real experience, eat where the locals eat. It may not always be glamorous, but don’t be afraid to try something new. Also, if there are lots of people eating there, the regular turnover of food will mean it’s fresh.

Differing airlines give different names to the same type of cabin class. Be canny and understand the differences between the likes of Premium Voyager, Economy Comfort and World Traveller Plus, before purchasing.

Apply in time for travel documents (international passport & visa) when applicable. This information can also be found on the website of the government of your home country (cf. links above). Apply in time for ESTA (Electronic System for Travel Authorization) when you travel to/via USA, or for an eTA when you travel to/via Canada.

Know what the weather will be like at your travel destinations. Don’t get caught unprepared, and always double-check the weather forecast the day before your departure. The best weather forecast websites are the weather channel, wunderground, and – my favorite – accuweather.

Go less central and less touristy. If you stay out of the center of things and off the beaten track, you are more likely to get more for less. Research from Trivago suggests that staying within 1 km of Seattle city center could cost you $100/night more than outside that 1 km circumference. Plus, staying outside the city center can get you into interesting neighborhoods so that you get a real feel for the city.

Travel the perimeter of Western Europe rather than the center. Cities that are farther out from the center tend to be less expensive. Think Porto, Portugal; Valetta, Malta; or Athens, Greece. The same does not apply to northern Europe which is quite expensive.

Suggested destinations : If you’re ready to go really exotic, there is nowhere better than Chiang Mai, Thailand. There are tons of fabulous things to do and of course the Four Seasons, Chiang Mai is incredible. We had a waterfall just outside of our back deck. The property is situated on a working rice paddy. The spa is incredible. And we did an amazingly romantic cooking class together. Seeing a man help in the kitchen always does it for me! But when you’re not cooking there are amazing restaurants in Chiang Mai to try!

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