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The journey from Geneva to Zermatt took almost half a day that there was barely any sunlight left deep in the valley floor at 3pm in the afternoon. Nonetheless, the journey was well worth it for me. Just after Montreux as the train began climbing, my heart raced when seeing towering snow-clad mountain peaks. The train made a stop at the town of Brig for a quick shot of fresh mountain air before the journey continued to another mountain town of Visp.

At Visp, one needs to change into the narrow-gauged Matterhorn-Gotthard-Bahn (MGB) train, formerly known as BVZ rail until 2003, which plies between the mountainous route of Visp, Täsch and Zermatt. The train cars are significantly smaller than regular SBB-CFF-FFS ones, but the dissimilarity probably ends there. The MGB train is probably equipped with more horsepower to negotiate the steep slopes. There were snows everywhere on the ground and spectacular mountain peaks high above, but nothing beats the first glimpse of the fabled Matterhorn from the distance!

Zermatt is, by no mean, a small village. It is almost like a medium-sized town without any cars! Rather, local ground transportation needs is catered via emission-free electric mini-buses. That is certainly a welcoming fact for those looking to get away from the choking carbon monoxide of the cities. Everything is rather compactly arranged inside the village - eateries, post office, Autobahn, winter sport centers and ski lodges.

I arrived at the village of Zermatt with great expectation for my tomorrow's mountain adventure. The balmy sight of towering Matterhorn (4,478m) in the dark evening has already set the tone for the rest of my time here in this wonderful village. I stayed for 2 nights at Hotel Weisshorn, a rather basic lodging arrangement with sumptuous morning breakfast. There is no real purpose to crawl up in my bed more than I needed to. The Matterhorn was waiting for me outside, all in its glory.

A side note: apart from taking the unique MGB train to get into Zermatt, one can also take the most celebrated Glacier Express from St Moritz. Just as the name implies, it is probably the most scenic train ride anywhere in Switzerland. It comes free with your Swiss Pass. Nonetheless, I did not get the chance to take the train because of time constraint. If you happened to be in St Moritz, perhaps you can check the trip schedule and enjoy the wonderful train journey.


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